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Micro Bevel Button

Learn how to pull off this popular button style with the use of layer styles in photoshop.

Some might say that bevel buttons are so 'early 90s'. However, they are making a comeback lately. I'm going to show you how to create a micro bevel button like the one below. This techinque could also be applied to any other element on a web design.

Step 1: Create a Rounded Box

Create a new layer and select the 'Rounded Rectangle Tool'. Create a rounded box with a small radius for the corners and fill it with any colour. In this example i have used a radius of 5px.




Step 2: Add a Gradient Overlay

Now we need to apply a gradient overlay to the rounded box. So, open up your Layer Styles for the layer with the rounded box on it and click on 'Gradient Overlay'. Apply a Linear Gradient with an angle of 90 degrees. When choosing colours, make the top colour lighter then the bottom colour. In this example i have used #2EBD27 for the bottom and #6EE77C for the top.



Step 3: Add a Bevel to the Box

This is where the magic happens! With the Layer Style window still open for the rounded box layer, click on 'Bevel and Emboss' and use the following settings:

Style: Inner Bevel
Technique: Smooth
Depth: 1000%
Direction: Up
Size: 0px
Soften: 0px
Angel: 90 degrees
Use Global Light: Yes
Altitude: 45 degrees


Step 4: Add a Stroke to the Box

The last style we need to apply to the box is a stroke. We apply a stroke to help bring out our bevel a bit more. So, in your Layer Style window for the box layer, click on 'Stroke'. You can use a Fill Type of Color if you wish, but I have found that using a gradient gives a better effect. If you use a single color for your storke, make sure its darker then your lightest colour. So use the settings below for your stroke (and change the colors to fit your needs):

Size: 1px
Position: Outside
Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100%
Fill Type: Gradient
Gradient Colour (Bottom): #269A20
Gradient Colour (Top): #4FC84F
Gradient Style: Linear
Angle: 90 degrees


Bonus Step: Adding Bevel Text

Well, thats it for creating the actual button but if you would like to also add text much like the text I have above here is a step to help you. Create a new layer and add some text to it. Then open up the Layer Style window for the Text Layer and use the following settings:

Bevel and Emboss:

Style: Inner Bevel
Technique: Smooth
Depth: 1000%
Direction: Down
Size: 0px
Soften: 0px
Angle: 90 degrees
Altitude: 90 degrees

Gradient Overlay:

Stop 1 (Bottom): #CECECE
Stop 2 (Top): #F3F3F3
Style: Linear



And there you have it, a fresh looking bevel button to be used on your website in anyway you wish. If you do find this tutorial useful and have used this effect on your site, feel free to post the link in the comments below.


TutorialBrowser @ 28th Jun 2009

Great tut!, you have been added to our web site

David @ 29th Jun 2009

@TutorialBrowser Thanks for the linkage. Glad you liked the tutorial!

Josh @ 10th Jul 2009

Nice looking button, and easy-to-follow tute. Out of interest, what font did you use?

David @ 11th Jul 2009

@Josh Glad you liked it. The font I used is standard old Arial.

Josh @ 12th Jul 2009

Hi David,

I have followed your instructions, and I am unable to get the same gradient overlay effect which you outlined in step 2. I am new to Photoshop, so please bear with my lack of technical expertise. Below are the steps that I carried out for step 2:

Layer -> Layer Style -> Gradient Overlay...

Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100%
Gradient: #2EBD27 (bottom - where black was by default) #6EE77C (top - where white was by default)
Reverse: Unchecked
Style: Linear
Align with Layer: Checked
Angle: 90 degrees
Scale: 100%

The above procedure gives me a button that is significantly brighter (more vivid/bold green).

Any thoughts on why this is the case?


David @ 12th Jul 2009

@Josh It may be the case that after I have saved these images for the web that the colours were slightly changed. I suggest moving the sliders a bit until you get the desired colours.

nadeem @ 13th Aug 2009

real so freash look

Geoserv @ 13th Aug 2009

Thanks for sharing the tutorial, I'm still learning PS.

S-ACE @ 5th Sep 2009

superb tutorial people, i am gonna make this button tonight only,

thanks a lot for this
chao !

and can you please suggest some nice gradiants in blue and dark green

Chapolito @ 27th Sep 2009

subtle effects and nice outcome, I'm liking it! thanks!

boo @ 29th Sep 2010

great tutorial... cheers

David @ 24th Apr 2011

Thanks for the tips, David. Easy to follow =)

mickel @ 5th Apr 2013

that's a great button and very simple
thank you designer

Reema Jamal @ 8th Jan 2015

very useful tutorial. thank you very very much,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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