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Supadupa Links May 2011

Another month, another set of great posts from around the web for web designers and developers.

Web Design

Photoshop WebDesigner Toolbox: All the Resources You’ll Ever Need

10 Important UI Design Considerations for Web Apps

Web Development

How Facebook Comments is changing commenting on the Web

30 Useful and Cutting Edge CSS3 Text Effect and Web Typography Tutorials

Introduction to DNS: Explaining The Dreaded DNS Delay

A Brief Introduction to Web 3.0


Common elements used in interface button design

Innovative Techniques To Simplify Sign-Ups and Log-Ins

Pricing Tables – Best Practices, Tips and Inspiration

Effective Website Help Systems: Tips and Examples


How To Draw a Vintage Polaroid Camera Icon

How to Create a Location Map Icon in Photoshop

Tips on how to optimize your web design workflow

Freelance and Project Management

How to Deal With a Non-Paying Client

Multiple Ways to Earn as a Freelancer

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Freelancer

Marketing and Advertising

Five Social Media Mistakes That Suck

Do’s and don’ts for designing email newsletters


10 Great Free Graffiti Fonts

3D Glossy Icon Set: 20 Free Icons (with PSD)

Soft UI Kit: Free PSD for Mocking Up Web Designs

Retro Candy: Free Icon Set



gjzhxmre @ 4th Sep 2015

cmluZyB0aGUgc2FsZSBvZiBib2R5IHBhcnRzIGZyb20gYWJvcnRlZCBmZXR1c2VzIChiYWJpZXMs [url=][/url] Journalists trying to cover the government s military operations, backed by African Union forces, to counter Al Shabab is equally fraught. l [url=][/url]
“We are really lucky to have such talented musical artists in the region, and we were not short of applicants this year,” says Bec Evans, organiser of the Chester-Le-Street Fake Festival. [url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] When it was delivered to the Stockton and Darlington Railway (S DR) on September 16, 1825, it was known as “the locomotive”. On November 1, a second locomotive arrived which became known as
Looney says the excited store clerk "jumped five feet in the air" when he scanned - and rescanned - the winning ticket. [url=]toms outlet[/url] However, some officials, who spoke to Sudan Tribune on condition of anonymity, said the rebel’s former deputy chief for operations was sacked after he criticised the proposed power-sharing deal between government and the armed opposition faction. c [url=]louis vuitton bags outlet[/url]
THE AWESOME world of invertebrates is being placed under the spotlight at a new colourful and immersive exhibition. [url=]louis vuitton bags[/url] If the silent Solo hasn't been accountable to the media, though, she has been to her teammates, with her U.S. record of 423 scoreless minutes allowing the Americans to advance to the semifinals unbeaten after a pair of 1-0 wins and a scoreless draw.
y Raziyah Farrington (Chapel Hill) added eight points and four assists for the East. Justine Lyon (Hillside) scored eight points, Hunter and DeNajah Porter (Bertie) each had six points, Greene finished with three Vines had two. [url=]toms[/url] As are childless-by-choice couples. Should they be kicked off the marriage bandwagon, too? [url=]coach outlet[/url]
Volcanoes were such a big feature in their journey that the two friends had a running joke. "Every new country we'd go to, we'd say, 'We're now in so and so, land of volcanoes and civil war...'" says O Briain, chuckling. [url=][/url] , Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved.
"People are going to want to take pictures,” Ybarra said. “People are going to want to show it to a friend.” [url=]coach outlet online[/url] Rather than being asked whether they had committed rape or violence against women, the men were instead asked: Have you ever forced a woman who was not your wife or girlfriend at the time to have sex? and Have you ever had sex with a woman who was too drugged to indicate whether she wanted it? v [url=][/url]
What was the last band or singer that you saw live? [url=]abercrombie[/url] BREVARD COUNTY (A): A five-run third inning wasn't enough for the Manatees, who lost, 6-5, to the Lakeland Flying Tigers.
TEL AVIV, Israel - Egypt has backed Israel in its quest to have the P5 plus 1 deal with Iran overturned. [url=]michael kors bags[/url] But according to Werner, it s a question of looking forward and providing the best possible education to students in years to come.
In an astonishing online post, Hussain said those thinking of travelling to the Middle East to fight should go to their local Waterstones to pick up books by the survival expert. [url=]hollister[/url] In the room where couples meet to plan with wedding cake manager Debbie Crivello, there are examples of some of the modern colors and styles that have appeared at area weddings, including a turquoise cake with peacock feathers and a tall, three-layer white cake decorated with fancy white rosettes and $600 worth of Swarovski crystals placed in a decorative ring between the layers.
The first was Father Mike Ivers, who was Jeter's grade school wrestling, track and flag football coach at St. Philip Neri before he was with him at Quigley South High School as coach and guidance counselor. [url=]ralph lauren outlet[/url] Kadmon explained, in answer to questions, that this experimental
j Following this season's early exits in the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup, that is something Pardew needs to get it right next time out if the pressure on him is not to increase further at the start of the new campaign. [url=]true religion jeans[/url] Curt Gielow (inc)
Sundar Pinchai, former , will now become chief executive officer of Google. "A key part of this is Sundar Pichai. Sundar has been saying the things I would have said (and sometimes better!) for quite some time now, and I’ve been tremendously enjoying our work together. He has really stepped up since October of last year, when he took on product and engineering responsibility for our internet businesses. Sergey and I have been super excited about his progress and dedication to the company," Page said about him in his blog. [url=]hollister clothing[/url] They re really beautiful by themselves, Loewenstein said of the cabinets, which were all original to the 1921 home. I knew that even if we got all new ones, I d want them to look the same. k [url=]hollister outlet[/url]
He said: “The parents and carers of children with disabilities are some of the real unsung heroes in the local community, and it is only right that we do whatever we can to support them. [url=]hollister[/url] I'm convinced that the American Congress will reject by a large majority the nuclear agreement with Iran, the head of the powerful Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Tzachi Hanegbi, told Israel Radio on Tuesday. There is a plethora of explanations and reasons as to why the agreement weakens the United States, he said.
n Quincey Butler, sr., KC-Center [url=]burberry outlet[/url] per second! t
Served them blooming right. [url=]hollister co[/url] I do think you could have a very different decision because the issues are very different, Geske said. Yes, I think it's going to be a split on the court, but you never know. . . . All you need is one justice to look at it differently to have a different result. [url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url]
In sentencing Soto, Ahto cited the psychological harm he caused, pointing out that it was an ongoing situation involving separate acts of violence against this young woman. [url=]christian louboutin[/url] FSNWG warned that the situation could deteriorate further in the absence of quick action. a [url=]true religion jeans[/url]
"I could see three cars on the right hand side," the electrician said. "I knew even if I did get the lock off, I was going to . . . [url=][/url] She's sticking with the Democrats but worries others, especially younger people, may have lost interest in the race.
Bryan David Ray Stone, 35, was charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance (marijuana), unlawful possession of a small amount of marijuana, unlawful delivery of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. [url=]hollister clothing[/url] A year on, Guineans finally lay Ebola souls to restBy Jennifer Lazuta SHAREPhoto: In Guinean tradition, family and friends impersonate the career or characteristics of the departed as part of elaborate funeral ritualsGUECKEDOU, 28 April 2015 (IRIN) - Forty-six-year-old Maurice Ouendeno stares silently at the arm of his blue plastic lawn chair. He waits a few minutes before beginning his story. d [url=]the north face[/url]
“The chances they had, they had to score from. First goal, header, second goal – header, third goal and the left full-back is sleeping. So then it was 3-0. They were sharper and better.” [url=]moncler outlet online[/url] Q.Do you have a view of the lake from there?

gjpytgyw @ 9th Sep 2015

Should that opportunity be missed, the next response would be to be ready with well-advanced plans for a program of heavy infrastructure spending to fill the vacuum left by the retreating mining investment boom. Even now the budget's growth forecasts are looking unachievable. If Bowen had any sense, he'd be toning down the rhetoric about getting the budget back to surplus in 2016-17 and making the point I began with. [url=]Coach Outlet Store Online[/url] As someone working on the development industry its the usual posting pretty much in ignorance. Firstly Olivia DBC doe not have 'Green Belt' (look it up) its a designation in which planning control is very different to greenfield sites and no greenfield site are not sacrosanct, you cannot possibly have growth without some greenfield development. Secondly this happening across the country, all Councils are required to maintain a 5 year housing land supply, the difficulty is when they try to plan for this in new local plans, existing residents object to new allocations (including, ironically those who have bought houses on former greenfield sites!) you can't have it both ways. It is then suggested that brownfield sites should be used, fine, but can you explain to a young couple why they should have to buy a house on a former gasworks site close to an industrial estate, rather then a new house on the edge of a town. I am inclined to agree with the minister who said he was not prepared to allow existing house owners who have their nice new house to 'pull up the housing ladder' on others. And there really is no point in seeking to lay the blame at the door of officers who I am sure did their best and are very disappointed at the decision but members provide the strategic lead and I am sure if you look into the b/g of this further you will find some local councillors have resisted new allocations, the problem is once you block on allocation you have to find somewhere else to allocate. As for Cllr Jones comments, you can tell there an election coming, opportunist claptrap! i [url=]Cheap Uggs[/url]
Frequently, it’s said, he’d recall the “lackadaisical” approach to the Cup final, including being woken in the small hours by fans wanting Wembley tickets. [url=]Coach Outlet[/url] Schimel cites heroin scourge
Next season, the NFL will play three games in England's Wembley Stadium. SKY NEWS correspondent Paul Kelso says those contests across the pond and a Super Bowl in New York boosts the games global appeal. [url=]moncler outlet[/url] But Draghi's policy also has inherent perils. By intervening in the exchange rate mechanisms, the EU is creating unfair advantages for itself globally at the expense of other countries. Those countries surely won't be pleased and are likely to respond by devaluating their own currencies. Ultimately, there can only be losers in such a contest. It will be "interesting to see how the Japanese follow up at this point" -- as well as the US -- Gary Cohn, president of investment bank Goldman Sachs, said at Davos. m [url=]nike outlet shoes[/url]
Emma Wight-Boycott, nutritionist ( [url=]air max 2015[/url] Toews' third-period assist in Chicago's 4-3 loss to Tampa Bay on Saturday night was the 100th career playoff point for the captain and his first of the final.
e Working in a creative field means constantly coming face to face with the creations of others. And architecture is no different. [url=]moncler outlet[/url] "It felt more like an experience than a facial," I answer, dazed but incredibly revitalised. [url=]oakley sunglasses[/url]
The Italian only spent five months of the year on loan at Sunderland, and his obvious reluctance to return to the Stadium of Light diminished his standing in the eyes of some fans. However, his importance to last season’s ‘Great Escape’ should not be under-played. [url=]replica oakley sunglasses[/url] As the craft cocktail movement matures in Madison, the spotlight is no longer cast on just the drink on the bar counter. It’s on the person behind the recipe and craftsmanship—the hand that poured the drink.
The Iowa poll showed that Rubio, Carson and Fiorina all got bumps among those who had watched the debate, while Trump's lead was even higher for those who didn't see it. Carson's closing remarks about brain surgery were among the debate's most memorable moments among those surveyed. [url=]Cheap Louis Vuitton[/url] [Translation by IMRA] c [url=]Louis Vuitton Outlet Online[/url]
Also the Cornmill Centre toilets only open 10-4 and only have about 25% of the facilities of the market toilets - All the shops with toilet facilities are for their customers and staff they dont pay business rates ,water rates etc to provide services for free that DBC should provide. [url=]Nike Roshe Run[/url] But our book this month exposes another China. Belle Yang's 2010 graphic novel and memoir, Forget Sorrow, newly released in paperback, describes the unsettling childhood of her father, Zu-Wu, who grew up in northern China on the eve of the Communist revolution. Before World War II, Zu-Wu's Manchuria largely was still feudal, full of domineering family patriarchs like his grandfather Yang.
Writer-director Maya Forbes based the movie her directorial debut on her experiences growing up in the late 1970s with a father saddled with manic depression. [url=]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url] A few Egyptian Coptic Christians are among those choosing to stay. The last Coptic church closed last year, so its former congregation either worship in private or attend services in the other churches in the capital.
Pujols said there was no time to relax, even after Freese's big blow gave St. Louis its 4-0 lead. [url=]Coach Bags[/url] Caesar settled the matter when he backed it both ways by suggesting a unicorn was the size of a bull but shaped like a stag. Most depictions suggested it was the size of a horse as suggested when it appears in coats of arms.
Zhou Yuyuan delivers a speech on the closingceremony. [CRIENGLISH.COM/photo by Zhao Pingping] [url=]canada goose jackets[/url] The Nepalese government had initiated preparedness activities, but at a much slower phase due to budgetary constraints, he said. One good lesson that we can learn from this event is that, preparedness should be given priority and that it should be done at a sustained and rapid phase.
j Underneath the space age exterior, is an interior that wouldn't look out of place on the Starship Enterprise. [url=]Cheap NBA Jerseys[/url] Lazich will replace outgoing Sen. Mike Ellis (R-Neenah), who did not seek re-election after more than 40 years in the Legislature.
The Special Broadcasting Corporation’s “Dateline” program last September featured Tamil refugees who were refused asylum, and returned to Sri Lanka, where they were tortured. Documents obtained by the program under a Freedom of Information request indicated that the AFP was aware of the claims by one of the victims, but chose not to meet with him, “in the interests of keeping our distance from the Sri Lankan investigation ...” [url=]canada goose jackets[/url] In a season marred by injuries to key players, Memorial (21-6) was about to win for the ninth time in 10 games. z [url=]Michael Kors[/url]
Developers appealed against the decision and an inspector said the proposals were acceptable, but dismissed the appeal on a technicality because the application did not include a Section 106 Agreement to provide community benefit and affordable housing. [url=]Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping[/url] The Panthers' season has been marked by stretches of good play interspersed with some real clunkers. They haven't won at the U.S. Cellular Arena since Jan. 2, but they've beaten a handful of good teams on the road, including a 10-point victory over Green Bay on Feb. 8.
f The findings were published online June 1 in the journal Pediatrics. [url=]louis vuitton outlet online[/url] Bring in house plants that have been standing outdoors in the summer, before they succumb to cooler weather. b
“My main objection is based on the fact that this is a residential area with flats over the shops adjoining the club building and a terrace of larger houses running down the hill towards Shield Row”. [url=][/url] The initial taste is of the crisp, cinnamon-coated outer layer, which is soon followed by the deliciously soft, fluffy, white inside. [url=]oakley sunglasses outlet[/url]
Rickie Fowler (US) [url=]Ugg Outlet[/url] Various figures in the international development and global health community have been caught up in fierce debate after new research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) appears to debunk claims that deworming schemes improve educational attainment. Amanda Taub, in Vox, says the discussion presents important lessons for aid workers. Everyone likes easy solutions to hard problems. But when we become too focused on finding them, we lose sight of the truth: that the most effective solutions are often complex and difficult to implement, she says. r [url=]canada goose outlet[/url]
Mill House Singles [url=]moncler outlet online[/url] On Feb. 18, 2011, Riseling learned that Capitol police intended to abruptly clear out thousands of protesters from the building at its normal 6p.m. closing time even though it had been open around the clock for days. She believed that could provoke an angry response because it would come unexpectedly.
A Defence spokesperson said that it has since reviewed its ICT systems and added new safeguards in the wake of the incident. [url=]Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping[/url] Iranian nuclear program on July 14. y [url=]fake oakley sunglasses[/url]
And just before the hour mark Galbraith had levelled the scores with a penalty, warded after Cartman had been tripped by James Riley after being played in by Armstrong. [url=]Louis Vuitton Outlet[/url] 1201 Williamson St., 442-6207

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