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44 Great Free Icon Sets

A selection of 44 great icon sets free for personal and commercial use.

Finding a good set of icons that match your project's style can be hard. It can be event more difficult if you are working on a commercial project which has a strict budget. Luckily, we have created a list of 44 great free icon sets which can be used on personal and commercial projects. Make sure you check the licence as some may require a link or credit.

Addictive Flavour (507 Icons)


Flavour Extended (423 Icons)



Led Icons (512 Icons)


Splashyfish (464 Icons)



Spirit20 (450 Icons)


ASP .NET Icons (391 Icons)


Icon Sweets 2 (383 Icons)


CS5 (273 Icons)


Flag Icons (255 Icons)


DRF (96 Icons)


Flags (148 Icons)


Supra RSS (217 Icons)


Flags (241 Icons)

Hand Draw Web Icons (251 Icons)


Siena (200 Icons)


32px Mania (179 Icons)


Basic Set (42 Icons)


WooFunction Icon Set (160 Icons)


Crystal Office Collection (156 Icons)


InFocus Social Media Icons (154 Icons)


Free Applications Icons (150 Icons)


Bright (149 Icons)


Mini (143 Icons)


Milky (131 Icons)


Function Icons (128 Icons)


Very Emotional (120 Icons)


34aL volume 3.2 SE (120 Icons)


Pink Moustache (120 Icons)


Yellow Road Sign (109 Icons)


Black Social Media (108 Icons)


Crumpled (108 Icons)


Glossy Waxed Wood (108 Icons)


Grunge Social Media (107 Icons)


DelliOS System Icons (105 Icons)


Developpers (105 Icons)


Snow (102 Icons)


32 Pixel Social Media Icons (100 Icons)


gcons (95 Icons)


Quartz (90 Icons)


Fresh Add-on (59 Icons)


Developer Kit (80 Icons)


One bit (80 Icons)


Woothemes Ultimate Icon Set (78 Icons)


16x16 Free Toolbar Icons (77 Icons)

Are we missing an icon set?

Do you know of another great icon set which is free for personal and commercial project? If so, add a comment below with a link and we will try to add it to the post.


Tom @ 20th Sep 2011

None of those links work :-(

David @ 20th Sep 2011

@Tom Thats odd, they all work fine from here. They should take you to the IconFinder page for that pack where you can download each icon individually or click on the icon pack name @ IconFinder to download the full set from the designer's website.

Savvas @ 25th Sep 2014

Hello Tom, wonderful job with the image. I would like to ask you if they are really free for use in personal and commercial web sites. Do I need to add a reference to my website in the case I use any of the images?

Thank you for any clarification


Sissi @ 1st Jan 2015

Hi thank you for sharing, but I cant download your wood icons. It look amazing... Great job.
Could you send me by email? Thank you and Happy New Year!

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