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  • Custom Code or Third Party Script?

    When should you use third party scripts and when should you get your hands dirty in code?

    2 Comment | 19th Mar 2009
  • 4 Proven Ways to Combat Website Spam

    Tired of receiving spammy comments from robots on your website? Here are four ways to run a spam free website.

    7 Comment | 13th Mar 2009
  • Comments Feature Added!

    Just added a new toy to the site to get some feedback.

    0 Comment | 9th Mar 2009
  • Redesign (Again)

    Things may be a bit of a mess right now as im swapping designings.

    0 Comment | 17th Feb 2009
  • EASY Search Engine Friendly URLs with mod_rewrite

    Create search-engine friendly urls for your website with this easy to understand tutorial.

    7 Comment | 20th Apr 2008
  • Tutorials added to Pixel2Life and Tutorialized

    In the past week we have had our first tutorials accepted and added to Pixel2Life and Tutorialized. Its just the beginning of spreading the word about supadupa web design. Now if we could only get some traffic to our forums...

    0 Comment | 20th Apr 2008
  • Free Software Every Web Dev Should Know

    Here is our list of the best free open source software out there for web developers.

    0 Comment | 20th Apr 2008
  • Rubber Stamp

    Create a real looking rubber stamp in Photoshop to use for advertisements and graphic design.

    14 Comment | 1st Apr 2008
  • First Tutorial Added

    The first tutorial created by Supdupa Web Design has just been added to the site. The Shiny Glass Logo tutorial will explains a quick and easy way to create the popular glass look in 8 easy steps.

    0 Comment | 24th Mar 2008
  • Website Relaunch

    Supadupa Web Design has undergoing and complete relaunch. Originally it was just a freelance website design service, but now, we are offering tutorials and forums for web developers. There will also be a blog in which articles will be posted related t

    0 Comment | 24th Mar 2008
  • Shiny Glass Logo

    Create a sleek shiny glass logo in photoshop quickly and easily.

    21 Comment | 24th Mar 2008

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